Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions

Visitor Management

Imagine that you are waiting in a queue at the security desk of a hi-tech building, to fill in a visitor pass. The waiting seems endless as the queue at the desk does not seem to move out quickly. Will the waiting ever end? Probably, but with an inordinate amount of delay and anxiety. Your entire perception on the functioning of the organization would have by this time taken a negative side.

First impressions last. Now imagine if the entire process had been automated, would it not have heightened your perception of the organization that you are visiting. You can prevent your visitors from facing a similar situation and welcome them in smiling.

The proof of the pudding lies in the eating – come along taste Hardshop… Office Administration will never be the same again!

"Hardshop" is the cost effective solution for all those organizations who would like to effectivise their office administration functions. The very richness and diversity of this tool assist organizations in simplifying the complexity of handling office administration functions in the new age organizations.

Hardshop Delivers Value

  • Satisfy your visitors:
    Hardshop is the tool that adapts to the needs of even the most demanding clients and is packed with functionality that helps you satisfy your visitors at the very first go.
  • High reliability:
    Each functionality delivered by Hardshop is of the highest reliability to ensure the fastest payback for the investment being made. 
  • ROI increases:
    Each aspect of Hardshop results in further ROI increases.
  • Adapt to changes:
    Hardshop gets the job done quickly and reliably while allowing for easy adaptability to changes without coding.
  • Maximize user contribution:
    The non-traditional approach of Hardshop maximizes each end users contribution to the organizations success.
  • Flexible rules:
    Business rules are flexible and can be changed by authorized end users. This is the key for massive productivity gain.
  • Online alerts:
    Real time checks and controls avoid security lapses and are achieved strikingly fast.
  • Fewer resources:
    Hardshop is the resource that can reduce the number of security / welcome desk personnel needed to handle front office operations. 
  • Technology upgrade: 
    RFDI tagging to be introduced to help track movement of visitors in the premises. 

The Hardshop Merits

  • Visitor Register
    Print your entry passes with the image of the Visitor and create a difference. 
  • Employee Register:
    Capture all relevant details pertaining to employees while working on holidays, off duty days.
  • Contractor Register:
    All details pertaining to various activities of contract staff are captured along with date, time and photograph.
  • Vehicle Register
    Meticulous tracking of usage of vehicles owned by the company.
  • Call Register
    Leaves no scope to miss out on any call received. All calls are escalated through mails to the respective employees.
  • Appointment Register
    Maintain a thoroughly professional approach to handling appointments of employees without missing out on any important messages.
  • Non-Employee Register
    Capture the movement of non-employees with date time in, date time out, etc. along with their photograph when token number is keyed in.
  • Material Register
    Maintain complete control on movement of materials into and out of the organization.
  • Key Register
    Custodians of the keys are specifically assigned and movement is monitored.
  • Miscellaneous Register
    Maintain important activities like monitoring expenses incurred on water, daily’s, periodicals and courier service.



Canteen Management

Need of CMS

Many organizations provide Canteen as an additional subsidized facility to their employees as a welfare measure.

The usage of the canteen by the employees depends on many factors like centralized food distribution centre with swift and simplicity in operations.

THS CMS design provides a user friendly system that facilitates quick and efficient operations to cover larger section of employees within a specified time.

THS CMS is entirely paperless. This system is also compatible in an environment where multiple caterers operate in a closed environment or at multiple locations.

THS CMS is also includes Multi Company facility where the cost for every company can be divided as per the actual usage.

Current Scenario

  • 5 Canteens
  • Multiple Contractors
  • Coupons are issued to the employees against cash payment
  • Following is the complete process right from coupon issue to receipt:
    • Coupon Issue to Employees
    • Cash Payment
    • Visit to Canteen
    • Procure food against coupon
    • Collect coupons of complete month
    • Submit it to HR Dept.
    • HR Calculates the Coupons
    • Payment released


  • Maintaining the coupons
  • Maintaining Cash
  • Collection of coupons
  • Change of coupons
  • Cant provide any additional facility / schemes to the employees
  • Collection of cash
  • If any coupon is lost no re issuance of the same
  • Unplanned food as the no. of employees who are planning to eat is unknown
  • Food Wastage / Shortage – Expense to the organisation

THS Canteen Management Solution


  • Detailed Masters
  • Multiple Companies 
  • Multiple Canteens
  • Multiple Contractors
  • Multiple Menu
  • Simple UI
  • Strong Security through right management
  • Variable Meal Timings
  • Integration with Turnstile
  • Multi Lingual
  • Integration with various other software*
  • MIS Reports


  • Company Master
  • Employee / User Master
  • Contractor Master
  • Contract Master
  • Canteen Master
  • Menu Master
  • Policy Master
  • Kiosk / Machine Master



  • Employee Detail Report
  • Employee Account Summary
  • Contractor Account Summary
  • Company Account Summary
  • Canteen Account Summary
  • Department wise consumption
  • Blocked Users
  • Canteen wise, Date wise, Shift wise Head-count / Consumption Report
  • Item Summary Report
  • Log / History Report
  • MIS Reports

Benefits of CMS

  • Available in Multiple languages
  • Easy to integrate with company’s existing ID Card System
  • Eliminates the cashing up & reconciling process at every day end.
  • Daily or Monthly limits can be setup on account transactions.
  • Card Balances are available at all times with or without the card.
  • Amount is stored in the card as well as in the software.
  • MIS Reports available
  • Creates transparency between the canteen vendor & the corporate house giving excellent ROI.
  • Eliminates Human Error in Accounting and Item Orders 
  • Increases Efficiency by Reducing Time and Cost of Planning 
  • Significantly Increases User’s Satisfaction by Authenticated Data 
  • Makes the Process Speedy and Secure through Cashless Transactions 
  • Monitors and Analyses Food Usage to Prevent Wastage 
  • Allows Admin to Focus on More Productive Tasks 
  • Allows Customization and Updating of Menu 
  • Generates Reports for Easy and Fast Interpretation of Consumption 

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