Our Approach

Why, In a nutshell would you consider us a ’better deal than other solution providers? We would say, mutual grown. At TRIO we believe In providing solutions to your company throughout its various stages of growth. From start-up ventures, to mid-sized businesses to large scale enterprises, we have different solutions for all your requirements enabling into partner with you. We have solutions tailor made to your needs as you move up the evolutionary ladder. providing answers that grow along with every step of your Organization.

Product Development

When a client needs a software product developed we know it’s not an overnight job. In fact our experience provides us with valuable Insights In how to address tough problems and overcome challenges in development. We know how important it is to define requirements, think through user behavior, build a m, choose the right technology, keep adapting to changing specifications and reduce o the market. And this gives us an edge over our competitors.

The Product and Its Differentiators


Out intrinsic aim is to simplify business management through Out product.

How exactly do integrated business applications benefit your business more than standalone applications?


Firstly think of the benefits of free access to all cote functionality that can help your business over time. The best part is that the cost is affordable!


Integrated suite solutions can actually grow with your company. This is not so with standalone applications which would in most cases top out and leave you high and dry without actually leaving you open doors to other application options. That’s the big advantage of an integrated suite that offers software that is hosted online since it gives your business seamless growth. YOU can add more users, more modules, increase your database size, and your volume of transactions as your business grows without business disruption.

Consistant Data Management:

Stand-alone applications (sometimes referred to as "silos") can’t easily communicate with one another. This is actually problematic for small and middle-market companies who end up spending a great deal of time doing the same task repetitively. This wastes time re-entering data and can lead to errors. Mother problem is that there may be a compatibility problem as you cross over program & For example you could probably find the same client under different names in the same database.

One must also consider that data from very different different and unconnected applications is inconsistent. ft may also not be readily available for you which could force you to comet or consolidate it before using. There is also a lack of visibility into business information which spans departments or different standalone applications. Since our suite of software applications are integrated you get your data immediately.

Vendor Management :

Face it. Managing an army of 871 vendors for customer service is not going to be easy. That’s where an integrated suite comes to the rescue. What it provides is one consolidated solution to the supplier.

Reliable Service and Support:

Access to affordable service and support is critical. This is a big plus in an integrated ERP environment as opposed to the mess of different applications.


With an Integrated business management suite, thete is the advantage of generating a single version of the ’truth’ and distributing it across the organisation wherever it might be needed. All business processes and all employees who touch the application see the same version of reality. In real time. 24X7.

Business Process Customization/Automation:

The integrated software systems are the best solution for small and medium sized business, since they provide the key customization features their businesses need while they are growing.

Long Term Cost of Ownership:

When an integrated suite is offered as Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) - allowing businesses to subscribe to a service rather than purchase, install, and maintain an in-house software solution - companies can make better forecasts and manage their costs more efficiently. They can also eliminate high internal IT support costs. In addition, the web-based delivery of business solutions proves more economical in the long run as business needs grow and change.

The Big Benefits

  1. Unified Business Processes Across the Enterprise
    With a single, integrated platform for CRM. Accounting/ERP and Ecommerce, you can automate key business functions across all departments, including sales, marketing, service, finance, inventory, order fulfillment, purchasing, and employee management. Your employees no longer have to re-enter data in different systems rectify inconsistent or inaccurate data. or wait for batch updates. Instead, all your employees view and share accurate data in real time, leading to greater collaboration among departments and increased productivity across your business.
  2. Increased Visibility for Better Decision Making
    Customizable Dashboards offer real-time access to key performance metrics, supporting intelligent, timely business decisions. In addition, full visibility into unified customer records results in more efficient and highly personalized sales, fulfillment, and service processes. Trio dashboards are role-based, providing "out-of-the-box" relevance to employees’ individual job functions.
  3. The Ability to Extend Processes to Customers, Suppliers, and Partners
    Given the day’s need to work closely with partners through an extended enterprise, Trio offers self-service portals that enhance both business-to-business and business-to-consumer collaboration. In addition, proactive notification of partner-specific events accelerates process cycles and improves responsiveness, ensuring your position as a preferred partner.
  4. Customization to Address Your Specific Business Needs
    Trio is the world’s most customizable Software-as-a-Service application. The advanced ’Click not Code’ configuration and modular implementations jump-start your business. Advance customization with simpler, industry standard tools allow you to tailor business practices and processes to meet your specific company and industry requirements. Because our customization carries forward seamlessly with upgrades, we actually encourage you to highly customization Trio to create your one-of-a-kind-software application.
  5. Support for Your Compliance Goals
    NetSuite includes audit trails that allow you to see changes that are made to data sets or business processes. Actions a re ’remembered’ so you can always know what happened when and by whom.
  6. Superior value with an affordable solution:
    Built from the ground up for growing and midsize businesses, we offer affordable pricing, accelerated implementation,and comprehensive support packages that result in unbeatable TCO. You also eliminate costly and time-consuming integration often associated with using a patchwork of disconnected systems. We also offer leading edge professional services and educational programs that ensure efficient implementation and continued long term success.

Materials Management Flow

Pre-purchase activities
Vendor Evaluation
Inventory Management
Invice Verification & Material Inspection
Component Architecture View    


  • The solution is architected on the Windows .Net 3.5 Platfotrm with localization features using SOL Server 2005 as database backend for centralized as well as distributed environment.
  • Windows communication foundation (WCF), SOL Server 2005 Reporting Services for standard and/or user generated reports and Notification Services for alerts and reporting to remote.
  • It will use Smart Clients for local data entry.Customers & Vendors integration and remote units can connect to the centralized unit using This Client (including Mobile Devices) which will be connected to the Server using Web Services.
  • Windows Communication foundation.
  • All Business Logic including Data Tier Logic will be built using .NET Components which will inward/outward facing Web Setvices.
  • The solution will be architected to be deployed in house as well as for distributed units.

Application Architecture View